Salman gifted his lucky bracelet to Aamir Khan!

Aamir Khan recently attended Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Sharma’s Eid party. During this, Salman’s lucky charm i.e. his bracelet was seen in Aamir’s hand. Salman has a blue stone bracelet which he has been wearing for years. Now it has been seen in the hands of Aamir Khan in recent times. This bracelet was not seen on Salman’s hand during this Eid

After seeing this bracelet in Aamir’s hand, many people expressed interest that Salman had not given it to him. When Salman stepped out of his Galaxy apartment to celebrate Eid this year, the bracelet was not seen on his hand, and people were curious and speculated about it. Aamir’s reaction to seeing the bracelet on his handSalman gifted his lucky bracelet to Aamir Khan! 1

After seeing the bracelet in Aamir’s hand, the fans gave their reactions. A user wrote, ‘Aamir bhai has been wearing Salman bhai’s bracelet since yesterday. Today, when brother came to the balcony, he did not have the bracelet in his hand and was not in the party either. ‘


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