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Salman Khan received a death threat just by fixing a date

The man who called the Mumbai police and threatened to kill actor Salman Khan has been taken into custody. The Mumbai police said that the person making the threat is a 16-year-old boy. It is said that he was taken into custody from a city near Thane and further investigation is underway.

According to the Mumbai Police, Salman received such a threat over the phone on Monday. The assailant said his name was Rocky Bhai. The caller claimed to be from Jodhpur in Rajasthan and threatened to kill Salman on April 30. Salman was threatened earlier too.

Dhakdaram, a resident of Jodhpur, was also arrested at that time. He sent three emails to Salman’s official mail. It was written that Salman Khan is your next number, as soon as you come to Jodhpur you will be killed like Sidhu Musewala.

A month ago gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had also threatened Salman Khan. In an interview given to TV channel ABP, Lawrence said, “If Salman does not apologize to the Bishnoi community, be prepared to suffer the consequences.” Bishnoi accused in the Sidhu Musewala murder case said that Salman insulted his Bishnoi community by hunting black deer. A case has also been registered against Salman in this matter.


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