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Samragyee says, “I had a very bad experience working on the film.”

Empress Rajyalakshmi Shah has said that she has acted in 8 films so far and in 3 of them she has been treated badly. She also said that she could not say everything.

Sharing her thoughts through a video on social network Instagram, the empress said, “I made my film debut at the age of 17. At that time, he used to tell me that everything should not be brought out as the film industry was small. Every time I went to a movie promotion, I was asked why I was so proud. It bothered me. ‘The empress also said that many of her trolls were formed at that time.

She has not been repeated in most of the banners in which the empress worked. In this regard, the debut heroine of ‘Dreams’ says -‘ The reason I don’t repeat is the way they treat me. There is no respect for an artist here. Harassment has happened many times. But I had to think of all these things as normal and work with a happy face. ‘

The empress said that when food and water were not available in time, abusive words were used even when talking about it. She said that she was treated badly when she spoke on such issues and she cried for a long time and returned to work as if nothing had happened.

The empress also said that she has respect for her work. The empress also said that some directors should not talk to her about her experiences in the film industry.

The empress said she had heard of a director’s abusive behavior but had acted out of resentment – “but when I did, all thoughts were shattered.” Makers say don’t talk about it. But the maker who thinks that such a subject should not come out should also learn to respect the artist. ‘

She says that when she talks about it, she can feel any love or hate. But the empress even said that she had become accustomed to a bad reaction.

Speaking to fans some time ago, the actress said that she will not work in many films like before. The last film starring the empress, who emerged in this field from the film ‘Dreams’, is ‘Rato Tika Nidharama’.