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Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds 79

Samsung Galaxy Buds are a pair of wireless earbuds that are designed to be used with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or S9+. They’re made by Samsung and they have some cool features, but they aren’t perfect.


Samsung Galaxy Buds 82The Galaxy Buds are designed to be worn in either ear, and they’re very comfortable to wear. The charging case is compact and lightweight, so you’ll barely notice it’s there. It has a magnetic clasp that holds the buds together when not in use, which makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag without worrying about them falling out everywhere. The touch interface on the buds allows you to control playback and volume through gestures—no buttons required!

Fit and comfort

The Galaxy Buds are designed to fit perfectly in your ears, with a slim profile that sits just behind the ear. They come with two earbuds (one for the left and one for the right) that stay securely in place when you don’t use them. But if you want maximum comfort, we recommend putting them on before bedtime and taking them off before getting out of bed in the morning.

The buds themselves are also quite comfortable—they’re about as thick as other Bluetooth headphones like Beats Solo 2 or Bose Soundtrue Ultra. You can wear them all day without feeling fatigued from wearing them, which makes this ideal for long commutes or workouts where comfort is important!

Sound quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds 83The sound quality is good. You get a lot of basses, but not too much, and you can still hear the treble and mids clearly. It’s perfect for listening to music and podcasts, while also being able to hear what’s going on around you—like when someone calls your name or asks if they can sit with you at lunch.

Calling performance

Samsung Galaxy Buds 84You will be happy to know that the quality of your calls is excellent. Your friends and family can hear you clearly, as well as you’ll be able to understand them too.

The Galaxy Buds have a built-in mic which helps with making calls if needed. You can also use them for listening to music or podcasts on your device via Bluetooth connectivity with another device like an iPhone or iPad, but this doesn’t work quite as well because it’s not as loud or clear sounding compared to Bluetooth headphones like these ones:




Noise cancellation

In our testing, the Galaxy Buds weren’t as good at noise cancellation as other headphones. They did cancel out some sound, but not as much or as effectively as we’d expect from a pair of high-end earbuds.

The reason for this is their design—the buds are small and don’t cover your entire ear canal like bigger models do (which also means they may not fit in all types of ears). To really get rid of ambient noises like lawnmowers or traffic on the street below you, you’ll need to wear them with special foam tips that fit snugly into each bud’s opening. These tips cost around $40 each and aren’t included with the Galaxy Buds’ box; however, they’re available separately online at places like Amazon ($12) or Best Buy ($29).

Battery life and charging

The battery life is decent, but not exceptional. You can expect to get about five hours of listening time from the Galaxy Buds before needing to recharge them. While this isn’t as long as some other wireless earbuds offer, it’s still good enough for most people who want something small and convenient that doesn’t require charging every day.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 85The charging case lasts for multiple charges; you should be able to use your Galaxy Buds for at least one full day without worrying about running out of juice mid-flight or before another day at work begins (if you’re lucky enough). It’s worth noting that while this case has a built-in battery inside—the same kind used by Apple’s AirPods—it doesn’t have the same amount of power as those devices do; their cases last over 200 hours on one charge!

These are a decent set of earbuds with some premium features, but they’re not perfect.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for earbuds. The bass isn’t the best we’ve heard, but it’s not bad either—and the mids and highs are nice enough that you won’t feel like they’re missing anything either way.Samsung Galaxy Buds 86

The noise cancellation feature works well at keeping out ambient noise when you’re walking around listening to music, though there’s no way of adjusting it beyond what Samsung offers (which isn’t adjustable). It also works as advertised in our testing room; we had no problems hearing calls over our other smartphones while using these buds, which was surprising considering how much volume they can pump out at once!

Battery life seems solid enough—we managed six hours on a single charge before having to recharge them again (though this could be influenced by several factors). If you plan on listening for longer than an hour at a time every day or two then this might not be enough for your needs though since most people don’t use their phones constantly during those times anyway (maybe?).


These are a decent set of earbuds with some premium features, but they’re not perfect. They have a nice design and great sound quality, but they take forever to charge and they’re not ideal for running or biking.


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