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Bikini avatar of sexy Aditi Budhathoki

Aditi Budhathoki is an actress who entered Nepali film from the film Kri. Since then, she has not acted in any other film. Aditi is one of the sexy actresses who came into the limelight from the first film by sharing the screen with the protagonist Anmol KC.

Actress Aditi, who started her career in India, is struggling to establish herself in Nepal. She used to model in India. Aditi, who was seen in some Indian advertisements and photo shoots, was also included in the list of top 10 sexiest models in India.

The list was made public on social media by an online media in India. She has been posting her sexy photos on social media. Especially glamour photos she has made more public.

There are people in Nepal who call her a vulgar heroine now. But she says that if someone calls beauty vulgar, it is a weakness of understanding. Lately, she has been constantly seen with bold pictures.

After a few days, she has been posting bikini photos on Instagram. She is currently spending her time in Nepal. She had come to Nepal for a new film to be directed by Surendra Poudel.

Filming could not start due to lock down. And she has not been able to return to India because of the lock-down. Aditi is a heroine of Nepali origin. A few days ago, she took a picture of Bikini in the bathroom. She has posted the photo on Instagram. –

Photo: From Aditi’s Instagram profile



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