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ShahRukh Khan fans’ warning: I will commit suicide without announcing new movie

ShahRukh Khan, better known as King Khan of Bollywood, is far from a movie these days, but his discussions with his fans never diminish. His fans are now eager to see his new movie. Remember, Shah Rukh Khan did not work in the new film after the release of ‘Zero’ film in the year 8. The Indian media has various arguments about Shah Rukh Khan’s new film, but Shah Rukh has confirmed that all of them are baseless.

One of his fans tweeted that Shah Rukh Khan had threatened to commit suicide when he did not announce the new movie. He wrote, ‘If you don’t announce your next movie until 3, I will commit suicide, repeat that – I will commit suicide.’

Another fan wrote, ‘I’m waiting too. How long to wait? If you don’t announce the next movie, I’ll leave the tweet. ‘