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Shahnaz Gill and Guru Randhawa were seen in a romantic mood, fan favorite

Shahnaz Gill and Guru Randhawa

Shahnaz Gill and Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa’s new song, “Moon Rise,” is currently in the news. Fans have liked the chemistry of both in the song. Meanwhile, another video of Guru and Shahnaz has been released, in which both of them are watching the sunrise in a very romantic manner. His new song is playing in the background, written by Guru himself. Guru Randhawa captioned the video with, “What a beautiful sunrise, the evening spent with Shahnaz.” This romantic video of Shahnaz and Guru is very much liked by his fans. The fans think their friendship is adorable. Fans are reacting to the video.

One user has written in the comment: “You two look very cute together. Date each other.” Another user has written, “This couple should not be overlooked.”


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