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Shahrukh Khan was ready to become a Mandakini for Farah, but why did she start vomiting after seeing her body…

Famous choreographer Farah Khan, one of Shah Rukh Khan’s closest friends in the film industry, turned director in 2004 with the film Main Hoon Na. FirstHe took his friend as the hero in the film, and Shah Rukh got a hit that went on to become one of his most popular films for a new generation.

Now it was the turn of his second project ‘Happy New Year’. Reports came that Shahrukh is going to be a hero in this too. But Shahrukh did the first of Farah’s script The draft itself was rejected. After this, Farah reached him with a new story, which he came to know after watching a musical in London. Farah in an interview Didn’t say that he thought that a very outdated version of Bollywood was shown in that musical.

Farah thought of showing the film era of 70s in this new story, why According to him, the films made in this period were going to impress people a lot. The title of the new story was ‘Om Shanti Om’. Although later ‘Happy New Year’ was also released.


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