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Singer Amrit Gurung is enjoying farming.

As if eating and growing muri. As soon as the monsoon starts, plowing the fields, planting potatoes and planting paddy will begin. But farmers are also confused by the lockdown. Lack of manure and seeds on the one hand, fear of corona on the other.

Similarly, singer Amrit Gurung seems to be enjoying his ancestral farming amidst confusion and upheaval. These charioteers of the popular musical group ‘Nepathya’ are found wearing hops, t-shirts and hats, sometimes they are seen cultivating maize in small canals and sometimes they are looking at wild greens in the cattle sheds. Since the lockdown, he has been posting pictures of himself enjoying farming on social media.

Singer Gurung has just released a picture of himself planting paddy in the field. He writes, “I worked on the farm all day with Pareli.” It was a lot of fun. Now the rest of the farming is on June 30. Fortunately, we still have the custom of wearing eyelashes. The farming of the village had already started from the collective-community labor exchange of the village on everyone’s farm. We are working to make that happen. ”

The prestige he has among Nepalis at home and abroad is commendable in itself. At the same time, he has the ability to create a heartbeat in every song. However, he does not seem to be intoxicated by that discussion, popularity and fame. Otherwise, how could he transform himself into such a simple rural life?

Singer Gurung, who embraces the very ordinary rural environment, has the same ancestral knowledge, skills and abilities. So he can see the signs of change in nature from the activities of Kirafatyangra. Can predict the harmony of agriculture and weather. On the one hand greedy fame, on the other hand rural living. The fine balance of these two is the exemplary aspect of his life.