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Six hormones essential for health, vitality and freshness, How to increase?

Hormones are chemicals that are secreted inside our body, which helps in different processes of the body. In a way, it acts as a messenger. That is, our bodies work differently under its command.

The human body produces about 50 hormones. However, 6 of these are the most important hormones, which affect our mood, health and sex life. If the balance of these 6 hormones is disturbed, its effect is seen in the body. So it is very important to balance and increase these hormones. What are these 6 hormones? How to balance it? For a good mood, estrogen is responsible for our mood and emotions. For example, we get angry, pity, mood swings, anxiety, all these things have a role in this hormone.

Estrogen is an important hormone in women, because it also works to develop their body differently than men. For the same reason that a woman has low estrogen hormone, her bones, muscles, etc. are weak. Problems including heart are seen. Hormones that make us happy, such as serotonin and dopamine, are also affected by this hormone. Problems including heart are seen. Hormones that make us happy, such as serotonin and dopamine, are also affected by this hormone.

Stress Hormone: Cortisol When we take stress or anxiety, our body secretes the hormone cortisol. This hormone plays an important role in controlling blood pressure, managing blood sugar and also in metabolism. However, this hormone can cause a lot of mental problems such as stress, anxiety, depression. This hormone is also responsible for weight gain. Cortisol hormone deficiency is also dangerous. Because it causes fatigue, weight loss and mood swings. Therefore, this hormone should be kept balanced in the body.
Exercise is also very important to keep this hormone in balance. This hormone is balanced even when stress is reduced.
Melatonin for sleep and the hormone that the body needs more for deep sleep is melatonin. Our body naturally has a clock. As the day goes on and the night goes on, our body starts secreting more hormone melatonin. So we feel more tired till evening. The body needs sleep to refresh itself. If we wake up at night and sleep during the day against the natural law, this hormonal balance is disturbed. So the next day we feel lazy, tired or heavy. Good food and exercise is suitable for releasing this hormone. We need to stay active, even if it doesn’t work. For fat and energy, the hormone insulin dissolves the sugars we get in our food into the blood, so that glucose can reach the muscles and cells. It converts sugars that the body does not use into fat, and this hormone also stores them in the body. When the body does not make this hormone properly, fatigue, anger, restlessness is experienced. Similarly, when the hormone insulin is not released, more sugar begins to dissolve in the blood, which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Good food, exercise, and regular 7 to 9 hours of sleep are needed to keep the insulin hormone in balance.
Metabolism involves some of the body’s basic mechanisms, which are balanced by the hormone thyroxine. The hormone thyroxine plays an important role in energizing the heartbeat, digestive system, certain brain systems, and burning fat. This hormone is secreted from the thyroid gland. If a person’s body cannot make the hormone thyroxine properly, he will feel tired. Depression can occur. Weight gain or loss.
For sex, testosterone hormone is secreted in both men and women. However, it is more common in men. This hormone is also responsible for changes in men. Testosterone is also called sex hormone, because it increases sexuality, ability and sperm. When a man is deficient in this hormone, his sex life is affected. Women with this hormone deficiency often have problems with their face or hair.


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