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Six models caught by police after nude photoshoot on boat

A similar incident has become public in Turkey after the models did a nude photoshoot on the balcony of Dubai a few days ago.

Where 6 models have been charged with nude photoshoot. The photo taken on the occasion of Ramadan has caused a stir after it became public. Police have arrested six models for doing nude photoshoot after the incident became public.

According to a report in the Turkish newspaper Lider, the growing coronavirus infection continues to plague all areas. But, despite this, the models were living in an area called Gochek in a luxury boat. They wanted to copy Dubai’s balcony scandals. Which has proved costly for them.

According to reports, the model involved in the nude photoshoot in Dubai had received an offer to join the boat photoshoot in Turkey. But they turned down the offer. The photoshoot on the balcony of Dubai was very controversial.

According to the report, there were two topless motel participants in the photo shoot. She was also a model nude. According to local media, 21-year-old model Ruslana Kovkova deleted the post after her name became public. Also on the boat were Ukrainian models Veronica Kurgan, Diana Pokhrelaya and Snejahana.

He was arrested by the police saying that he went to the boat and took a nude photo. According to local media, he was released after a simple fine.


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