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Social media is ruining the couple’s relationship?

Why can’t husband and wife talk even when they are at home? Why don’t they talk to each other even though they are in the same bedroom? Why aren’t they sharing intimate moments in the same bed?

Because there is a rift between them now, social media. Namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. When they enter social networks, they forget their partners. Echo on Facebook and Twitter.

When there is no communication between the couple or the atmosphere of communication is disturbed, then minor misunderstandings increase. Small problems are born. That little thing grows slowly. And, there is a situation where it creates suspicion between husband and wife. Then the misunderstanding grows. There is misunderstanding. It’s okay.

Do you think that this is what happens when Jabo uses Facebook? Of course, this is not the case when using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But, the root is the same. As your attachment to social media grows, you begin to lose yourself in the virtual world. New relationships begin to be established. You enter a new circle of friends. The side effect is that you can’t stay on the ground.

What is going on in the house, what is the condition of the children, what is happening in the school, what is the health condition of the parents, whether the electricity or water bill is paid or not, things start to go wrong. This will gradually tie up your family life. And, trapped in a net.

We have become so engrossed in social media that family values ​​and beliefs have begun to fade.The conversation between the couple has broken down while engaging in social media. By nature, people like to have fun. How do you stay awake to talk at home when you have a smartphone in hand and use Facebook?

We seek the easy, the fun. That is the reason why husband and wife do not seem to be in the same place. The presence and proximity of the two are not felt by each other. Nor do they have domestic conversations. Neither romantic dialogue. In this way, by getting caught up in social media, the couple brings bitterness in the relationship.

The problem, on the other hand, is complex. The number of divorces has increased due to social media. After engaging in social media, normal household chores have been affected. The children are upset. Not only that, but the fear of establishing an extramarital affair by falling into the trap of social media is also increasing. It is found that some relationships that are connected for the purpose of temporary entertainment have gradually entered into a complicated situation. This has not only created suspicion between the couple but has also sown the seeds of discord. In this way, the use of social media has distorted the couple.

Some husbands and wifes fight on the pretext of social media. There are also cases of marital breakdown due to a dispute over passwords. At present, the number of divorces between the couple has increased dramatically. And, one of the main reasons is social media.