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Sonakshi took such a step against ‘cyber trolling’


Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has launched a new campaign against cyber bullying. She has started a full-fledged cyberbullying campaign in collaboration with ‘Mission Josh’ of Maharashtra Police.

“The campaign against cyber harassment is an initiative of ‘Mission Josh’. I will work with Inspector General Pratap Diwakar on it,” Sonakshi said on social media.

The campaign will take steps to spread awareness about the effects of online harassment, trolls and trolling victims on their mental health.

Sonakshi said in a video post, “Many people fall victim to trolls, I am one of them, now I have decided that, now it’s over, now there will be a complete ban on cyber harassment and online trolling.”

Indian artists are becoming victims of cyber trolling.

Sonakshi closed her Twitter account this month to avoid negativity. She also made it impossible to comment on Instagram.