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Sonu said, ‘Mafia is bigger in music than in film’.

In Bollywood, after the death of hero Sushant Singh Rajput, there is opposition to ‘familyism’ and ‘groupism’. Viewers and some Bollywood actors are accusing some film production companies of using ‘familyism’ and ‘groupism’.

News is also coming out that Sushant has gone into depression after quitting seven films being made in various productions. Police have also started investigation into the matter.

Now, the  singer Sonu Nigam has warned to hear the news of suicide of any such singer-songwriter, not only in the city of movies but also in the city of music.

Sonu says, “I would like to appeal to the music industry that Sushant Singh Rajput is dead today.” One hero is dead. Do you know that tomorrow you will hear the news of a singer committing suicide in the music industry? ‘

Sonu has said that there is a bigger mafia in the music field than in the movie. He has criticized the music sector for not giving opportunities to new talents even though everyone needs to do their business.

Sonu says – ‘Many new talents tell me that musicians, songwriters want to work with us. But music companies don’t like to work because they don’t have artists. ‘

He said that the music sector has been taken hostage by some companies and urged not to do so and give opportunity to the new ones as well. He said that only two companies are ruling in the music sector and that artists should sing under their direction.

He says he has come out of this tension – “But I have seen the eyes of new singers, singers, musicians, lyricists sad. They cry openly sometimes. ‘


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