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Stress at Crimson Hospital after a patient died

Stress has arisen after a patient died during surgery at the Crimson Hospital in Manigram, Rupandehi.

The tension was triggered after Shuk Bahadur Rana, 2, of Koulani, Municipality-1 died in Tilottat of Rupandehi on Thursday. Rana was sick of blood pressure. Relatives of the deceased had surrounded the hospital, accusing the patient of dying due to negligence of the doctors and administration due to negligence of the timely surgery.

About 200 people, including relatives and neighbors of the deceased, reached the local hospital on Thursday night and Friday morning, demanding an independent investigation of the treatment process.

Following the pressure of relatives of the deceased, the dispute has been resolved, with the hospital administration agreeing to reduce Rana’s spending of Rs. Relatives understand the body after agreeing to pay medical expenses.

Relatives of the deceased, Yuvraj GC, said they were taken to the hospital on Wednesday evening after blood was collected in the head due to blood pressure and would not be admitted here.

Hospital doctor Balaram Neupane had removed the frozen blood from Rana’s head. He claimed that he was negligent in his treatment and said that he could not avoid surgery as an exception.

The Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Chandrakant Basyal, said that the deceased’s relatives had to pay medical expenses while accepting pressure from the relatives of the deceased so that the hospital could not produce untoward situation. He said that due to such pressure and power display in hospitals, the morale of the doctors and the need to refocus the hospital without admitting the patients only created the serious conditions.