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Suhana who loves with emotion.

It has been decided that the movie ‘A Mero Hajur 4′ will not be released in this decade. Due to not being sure when the movie hall will open, not being able to start the rest of the filming, etc., the dream of actress Suhana Thapa, who will be in the audience in the decade, could not be fulfilled.

Actress Suhana Thapa, on the other hand, wants her second work to be shown to the audience as soon as possible. But his thinking did not come true. The Krishna Bhakta heroine does not hesitate to share her love and feelings with her fans. The same Suhana writes – ‘Am I in love with emotion?’ Or am I trying to find out the truth? ‘

Suhana is talking about the feelings that have arisen in her mind. A few years ago, Suhana revealed her love for a young man during the promotion of the movie ‘A Mero Hajur 3’.

Suhana may soon find out the truth of the feeling of love that has grown in her mind, perhaps this is what her fans are expecting.


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