Sunil Shetty gave advice to daughter Athiya: said, “Rahul is a player, you can’t go around with him everywhere”.

Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty has called his daughter Athiya lucky to have a life partner like KL Rahul. Sunil said that he always reminds Athiya to support Rahul in both good and bad times.

An Indian media outlet asked Sunil what advice he would like to give to his daughter. In response, Sunil said, ‘I have always taught Athiya to bear defeat. The second thing is to trust your partner with your eyes closed.

Thirdly, Rahul is a player, he has to go to many places. You can’t go everywhere with her. To support her always because there are ups and downs in the life of a player,’ said Sunil about the advice he would give to his daughter.

Sunil added, ‘When some players score runs, they are in a different world. I used to consider Sunil Gavaskar as my hero during my time. He is still a hero for me.

Sunil also warned Rahul

Sunil has also warned Rahul. He said, ‘Don’t be so good that we all look small in front of you. Do not become so good that people teach you what is good. Rahul is a very generous person. I always tell Athiya that you are lucky to have a life partner like Rahul.

Said this on Rahul’s poor performance

Sunil Shetty is a big fan of cricket. When KL Rahul was struggling with poor performances, Sunil defended him.

He said in an interview, “If Rahul comes back with a bad performance, we will not discuss it.” We know that he is a fighter. He is master of his game so who will teach him what? He plays cricket for the country, not for the streets and villages.’


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