Supa Deurali Temple

Supa Deurali Temple is considered to be a symbol of the faith of the whole village with batuas who show goodwill towards Deurali by offering two flowers and stones. The goddess who fulfills the wishes of those traveling on the Sandhikharka-Gorusinge highway. It is a tradition to make vows when you are sad and after the vows are fulfilled, offer what you have said to Supa Deurali.

There is a temple in Khanchikot located in Sandhikhark municipality-7, Arghakhanchi district. Vows can be offered on days other than Ekadashi, Aunsi and Purnima at the temple located in a gorge between two high Mahabharatas, Narpani and Falame. Especially on Saturdays there is a crowd of people offering vows.

Supa Deurali Temple 1The temple area is also attractive in nature. The waterfall falling to the east of the temple and the gurgling sound of the river attract the mind of travelers passing through that road. From the temple complex, one can see Himalayas, hills and plains simultaneously.

Due to this temple, domestic tourism is increasing in Arghakhanchi. Supa Deurali, located on the road from Gorusinge in Kapilvastu to Sandhikhark, is becoming a favorite of domestic tourists from the surrounding districts.

A single date has not been found regarding the origin of the temple. However, the well-organized temple of the goddess was built in 2042. The joy is experienced while circumambulating the temple ringing the bells after pouring water from the stream.

Supa Deurali Temple 2It seems like a miracle to see the temple standing on the side of the paved road and at the head of a terrible cliff. Temple Hata has resting place and drinking water facilities. There are also snack shops and hotels nearby.

Supa Deurali has an interesting legend. During the reign of Baise-Chauvise Raja, it was decided to establish a marriage relationship with the prince of Khanchikot and the princess of Balrampur, India. On the day of Lagan, while returning to Arghakhanchi with the bride, there is a plan to feed the people on the way. During the feast, when the king of Khanchikot got married and brought out the issue of caste towards the bride, there was a dispute among the people.

Supa Deurali Temple 3Regardless of the controversy at the feast, the bride has to be taken to Khanchikot, so the people move forward. Drops of blood started leaking from the tamdan carrying the bride on the road. When the people looked at Tamdan in panic, they saw the bride dead. And all the people mourned. Khanchikot is in mourning over the death of the bride.

From the next day, disease started to appear in the village. Even people have started dying in villages. Everyone is panicking. Even those who look after the Dhamijankri and Zokhana of the village have been disturbed. At that time, a Jhankri said that the form of the princess Devi, who had been brought in marriage, appeared in the village until she was worshipped.

After that, the villagers took the bride and came to Bhanjyang, the place where a drop of blood fell from Tamdan, and worshiped the image of Supadeurali.

Supa Deurali Temple 4In chronological order, after Baburam Rayamazhi of Arghakhanchi built a normal temple in the year 2040 at the place where worship is held on the day of Vaishakhe Purnima, a conservation committee was formed. Since then, the temple, where regular worship has started, was later rebuilt. Srinar Narayan Baba, a resident of Arghakhanchi, made a significant contribution to this. Born in Arghakhanchi, he rebuilt the temple at a cost of 1 crore rupees through Baba Ashram Seva Sanstha Matatirtha. The ordinary temple covered with zinc leaves has been artistically recreated.

The temple is becoming a center of religious faith, its income has also provided relief in the educational sector. A dozen teachers of two schools in Arghakhanchi are paid from the offering of the temple. Five teachers of Adarsh Secondary School in Khanchikot and seven teachers of Shanti Lower Secondary School in Sitapur are paid from the income of the temple.

Supa Deurali Temple 5The offering to the temple is 2500 to 10000 daily. 75 percent of the donation goes to the school and the remaining 25 percent is used to manage the temple. Financial assistance to the poor, scholarships and support to the elderly are provided through the donation. Similarly, in Sitapur and Khanchikot, support has been given in works ranging from water supply to road expansion.

Supa Deurali Temple 6Apart from the priest, two members of the management committee, five helpers and one watchman also live in the temple. The temple management committee has decided to build a Dharamshala. However, the work has not started because the necessary funds could not be raised.

Supa Deurali can be developed as a natural, religious and adventure destination. There is potential for adventure sports activities in the temple area. Cannoning in the waterfall behind the temple, bungee jumping in the cold river and paragliding on the hill above the temple have been explored.

source: nagrik


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