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Take these steps to enjoy long intercourse

Cohabitation or sexual activity is one of the means of making a good and pleasant relationship between a lover or spouse.

Various studies have also shown that partners want sexual intercourse between themselves. The length of your enjoyment of sexual activity depends on you and your partner.

Of course, it may be in your heart to watch something so long lasting. But the reality is that it takes about 5 minutes to fully establish a love relationship. This can vary from person to time.

If you are sexually active within minutes, it does not give pleasure to sex life. Even if you are satisfied with the sex work, your partner may not be satisfied.

If both men are not satisfied, then there may be problems in the sex life. There is also the risk of seeking alternatives or other partners for sex. This can lead to problems in the relationship between the lover and if there is a problem between the husband and wife, then there is the danger of worsening the family.

So if there is a problem with fast ejaculation, there are some measures to be taken –

Eat fruit vegetables. According to studies, vegetarian men can enjoy sex longer than men who eat meat. The nutrients from fruits and vegetables provide them with energy and energy.

Eating bananas before sex will last a long time. Banana contains potassium and glucose and it gives you full enjoyment of sex.

Amla juice also increases the semen’s ability to drink regularly and also helps to enjoy sex. Amla is full of zinc and iron.

Eating strawberries before intercourse can make you have sex longer.

In addition, if you abstain from sugar and cigarettes, you may have intercourse for a long time. Smoking does not allow arterial blood flow to the penis and stimulates it.

The muscles of the hands and abdomen need to be strong if you want to enjoy a lot of sex. It is advisable to exercise at home or at the gym. Exercise has good blood circulation in the penis, which helps to stimulate it.

Procrastination can make your partner happier and last longer.