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Tapasi became the highest grossing actress in 12 months.

Actress Tapasi Pannu’s craze is spreading in Bollywood. She is also known for her clear speaking style and interest in different stories.
The same actress has released five films in the last one year. If you look at the commercial statistics of these 5 films, Tapasi has become the highest earning Bollywood actress.
As soon as Tapasi came to know about this, she wrote- ‘Oh, good. I didn’t even realize it. I think it’s important to stop this time of quarantine and look back and remember your journey. ‘
The last five films starring Tapasi are ‘Badla, Game Over, Mission Mars, Bull or Eye, Slap’. Except for Game Over, all of Tapasi’s films were well received by critics.
Tapasi is leading the way to present herself as a different character on the screen of the film. That is why the audience has got to see him on screen in different roles.