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Tatopani is beautiful place you should visit it

Tatopani is beautiful place you should visit it

                                                       Tatopani is beautiful place you should visit it

Tatopani is beautiful place you should visit it

Tatopani is a village in Sindhupalchok district. Well, Tatopani means “hot water” in Nepali. Tatopani is a huge trading post between Nepal and China. You can reach Tatopani upto 3 hours from Kathmandu. To explore unique cultural, tradition and religions of tribes in Nepal you should visit Tatopani.

Many people use to dip in Tatopani as it use to believe to cure for many illness. In Tatopani there is a place called The Last Resort which is really beautiful. It lies on top of Bhotekoshi river. In this place there are lots of thrilling and fun activities to do like Bungee jump, Canyon Swing, Tandem Swing, Canyoning, High Ropes and White Water Rafting.

Bungee jumping from 160m high bridge with flowing Bhotekoshi river is just amazing and breathe taking moment. Its the best place for the visitors who love thrilling experience. If you want to experience this jumping but become afraid then to feel be protected you can partner up with your friends and do jump together. You can also do high ropes which is a zip lining in the midst of woods.

You can also do white water rafting in Bhotekoshi river. Bhotekoshi river is formed by the snow and mountain glacier and it is perfect for rafting. You can really have good experience that will always remain in your memory.


Khopra Danda Trek is also famous here. You can see spectacular view of Himalayan ranges and the beautiful sunset and sunrise. You can feel yourself that your soul and nature are meeting. You can visit ancient villages. The best time to do trekking in there will be summer time and autumn time.

In summer time you can see rhododendrons which makes the place more beautiful whereas in autumn time you can see more clear view of the scene. This place is the best place to visit and be close to nature.

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