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Thamel LOD club ranked 52nd in the world is re-nominated, appeal for votes

LOD Club, located in Thamel, Kathmandu, has been nominated for DJ Mag’s Top 100 this year as well. LOD has been selected as the Club Champion of 2023 by UK-based DJ Mag. In 2022, LOD was ranked 52nd among the best clubs in the world. The magazine features 100 of the best club DJs from around the world. Every year, DJ Mag selects the best clubs in different countries. LOD has appealed for votes to be included in the list of the top 100 clubs. According to LOD, you have to go to DJ Mag’s website to vote.

Then click on the UK flag. To vote, you will be given the option of using Facebook or Google. When DJ Mag’s 100 Club comes up, you have to click on Uts Kull Let’s Go at the bottom.

Users are once again given the option to include their country, city, and name. Finally, in the next option, the name of the city of Kathmandu should be mentioned by writing “LOD Club” at all stages of the club. The director of the club, Bhupen Shamsher Kunwar, informed me that LOD DJ had managed to be selected again in the Mag Top 100.

Club businessmen also expressed the belief that if they are successful in selecting 100 clubs, they will be able to do something for the nation. ULOD Club has entered DJ Mag’s Top 100.

LOD has been ranked 52nd in the 2022 Top 100. Because of the club, we have succeeded in spreading the name of Nepal around the world. This time also, we are working to be at a good level.

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According to Kunwar, the number of tourists who come for entertainment is higher after being ranked 52nd. He said that if the club can be in the top 100 in 2023, the number of domestic and foreign club connoisseurs will increase.

Lately, because of the club, night business people are getting comfortable, he said. He mentioned that the source of income from rental vehicles is increasing in the tourist area of Thamel.

The club has provided employment to hundreds of people. Since the opening of the club, the number of small businesses has increased. “We have awakened the dead street,” he said.


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