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The American astronaut returned to Earth two months later

The US spacecraft with two passengers have returned to Earth after two months. The SpaceX Dragon Capsule spacecraft with two passengers named Bob Benken and Doug Hurley has landed in the sea. For the first time since the Apollo Command module was launched 45 years ago, another manned vehicle has landed in the water, according to the BBC.

Four parachutes were used during the landing. It is said that the speed of the vehicle was 560 kilometers per hour when it touched the sea and it was limited to 24 kilometers per hour. As soon as the ship landed in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Pensacola in western Florida, a rescue ship arrived to rescue them.

‘Welcome back to Earth on behalf of the Space X and NASA teams. Thank you for flying to SpaceX, “SpaceX Mission Control said in a post-landing message. After landing, the astronauts were tested by a team of doctors.


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