The benefits of Rudraksha are not only religious but scientific as well

The benefits of Rudraksha are not only religious but scientific as well

Rudraksha has a special importance in Hindu religious culture. Rudraksha is believed to protect people from any harmful energy. It is used not only by ascetics but also by people in worldly life. Garlanding Rudraksha has religious significance as well as scientific benefits. It can be seen that wearing Rudraksha has a positive effect on the body.

religious significance

Vidyeshwar Samhita is related to Lord Shiva. This Samhita mentions the importance of Lord Shiva’s worship, worship, and the themes connected with him. The importance of Bhasma to Rudraksha is mentioned in this book. The origin of Rudraksha is mentioned in the scriptures like this.

Rudrasai Akshi Rudraksha, Akshyupalakshitamashru, Tajjanya: Vriksha:.
Rudra means Shiva and Aksha means soul. Tears fall from the eyes of naive Rudra when his heart is sad after burning Tripurasura. A Rudraksha tree grows at the place where the tears fall. Rudraksha is considered sacred by Hindus and especially Shaivites. Shaivas and Tantrics wear Rudraksha garlands and chant. In the Upanishads, Rudraksha is said to be the eye of Lord Shiva. It is believed that if you wear it, all the sins committed day and night will be destroyed and you will get billions of virtues. Rudraksha has an amazing ability to remove heart-related disorders.

Increase in intellectual ability

  • According to scientists, Rudraksha has amazing power due to its ‘electromagnetic’ properties. Its medicinal properties are produced by electromagnetic effects.
  • International University of Florida scientist Dr. David Lee has said that research has found that Rudraksha stores charge from electrical energy. From which it develops magnetic properties. This excitement stimulates certain chemicals in the human brain. Which develops magnetic properties in Rudraksha. This is why people feel great joy when Rudraksha touches their body.
  • Rudraksha is believed to improve the intellectual ability and memory of a person. Wearing Rudraksha will reduce problems related to anxiety and stress and will increase enthusiasm energy. Rudraksha is believed to be effective in controlling heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.