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The bodybuilder married a sex doll

Marriage is a sacred bond. Not only are two souls reunited in a marriage but two families are also related to each other. At a wedding, the bride and groom vow to live together. But there is a unique marriage in the world where a bridegroom is married to an inanimate being and not to the bride. A bodybuilder in Kazakhstan has chosen a private sex doll, not a woman or a creature, as his bride to marry. The man, Yuri Tolochko, already had the doll.

He has named the sex doll Margo. Yuri’s love for Dal was so great that Uyan proposed to Dal before marriage. Yuri proposed to Dal in 2019.

Yuri posted a picture of his wedding to a sex doll on his Instagram account on November 25. The picture of this unique wedding went viral on social media.


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