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The Consumer Electronics Show puts on an annual display.

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual showcase of consumer gadgets and new technology that took place in Las Vegas, never fails to impress. There is something new to talk about in every iteration. This year’s CES was no different. This year, CES displayed a number of amazing products. There were impossibly thin laptops and TVs that could be rolled up when not in use. Here are our picks for the most interesting gadgets and tech at CES 2019.


This year, laptop manufacturers outdid themselves. From the thinnest gaming laptops to the most powerful, this year’s CES had them all. One particular offering from Dell, the Alienware Area 51M, managed to amaze most visitors. What’s striking about this laptop is that it not only features one of the most powerful configurations available on any laptop, but also has a modular design.

A ‘modular’ gadget is one where individual components can be switched out and replaced by the consumer. This means you can change the CPU, GPU, hard drive and RAM as per your needs. Thus, consumers are no longer restricted to the configuration that the laptop came with. As time passes and technology advances, outdated components can be replaced with newer variants. A single laptop could theoretically be used forever, simply switching out the parts that need to be changed, and without burning a hole in your pocket. This is the first time a modular laptop has been showcased like this and we hope other companies too will follow suit.


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