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The effect of dengue lasts for a long time.

This year, Nepal was greatly affected by the effects of dengue before it was able to get out of the covid epidemic. Many people are now not only affected by dengue, but also have a long wait for recovery.

High fever, headache, fatigue, breathing problems and vomiting are its symptoms. According to a study conducted in the US last year, South East Asia, South America, Western Pacific Islands were considered to be the most affected areas of dengue.

Some people recover completely from this disease within a week. For some, it may take a long time to fully recover. Last year, the US Central Disease and Health Prevention Center conducted a study. According to the study, out of 100 million infected, 40,000 had severe symptoms. However, looking at the situation in Nepal in 2022, the situation may be different.

In Nepal, the problem of serious infection was seen a lot. Dengue virus has increased worldwide this year. Up to four virus problems may appear. The World Health Organization has classified dengue into two types. First stage dengue is given the common name. According to a study in the US last year, 1 in 20 people had a severe infection of the second stage of dengue. This year, this rate of Nepal was also found to be highly increased.

Common symptoms include rash, body aches, pains, and fever. These symptoms usually last for a week. A person can get all this right in a week. However, sometimes severe symptoms can appear in humans within a few hours. Abdominal pain is a problem even after the fever is gone. It is a serious problem with vomiting, nosebleeds and pessimism.

In some cases, there is a possibility of bleeding in the internal parts of the body and the death of the person. If dengue is detected by blood test itself, there is no specific treatment for it. Even if its symptoms are seen, the treatment is done according to the symptoms.

It may be advisable to seek medical advice once you have dengue. It cannot be recycled until it is completely gone from our body.

There are some lifestyle options after this. Three to four liters of water daily is considered mandatory. Unsweetened juice is considered a must. However, milk, coconut water and lemon water are equally suitable for the body.

Fruit juice can also be good for the body. It helps increase platelets. If it is bitter, it can be mixed with honey. Amla and Jamra juice are also considered to be equally suitable for increasing platelets.

As soon as it is well, it is necessary to do normal exercises in the sun. It increases vitamin D. Dengue may return again. Because it has many strains. Once the body gets used to accepting the mosquito, the possibility of re-infestation is strong.

Even after dengue is cured, there are many lingering effects. Yoga, healthy eating and rest are the ways to get rid of the effects quickly and prevent the long-term effects of this infection.

Caused by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, this disease is more common in tropical and semi-tropical climates. Long-term disease is not the only cause of low platelets. It can affect the liver and many other parts of the body can also have problems.

Many doctors advise to rest for a long time. Walking should be done more slowly than other activities. You may not feel very hungry for a long time. Many viral infections can also cause hair loss. If this is the case, it is best to consult a doctor to find a solution. If this happens, the doctor may also need to arrange protein recovery for a quick fix. Although the disease does not cause immediate death, muscle and joint pain is a common symptom of dengue. However, if this problem persists for a long time, there may be risks.

Loss of appetite can also be a long-term problem. If this happens, weight loss may also be seen. Laziness is another problem that leads people down the path of depression. It can be solved only by organizing the issues of daily living.

In the long run, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and eco problems can also be seen in the human body. GBS symptoms may also appear. This is an autoimmune symptom. It can cause problems in the veins. It can also cause paralysis.
Doctor of internal medicine at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in India. Dhiraj Bhatad says that even after recovery, he continues to suffer from many ailments, including muscle aches, headaches and vomiting.

If this is the case it is very important to have a thorough examination. The college test is the first requirement. After this there are many other requirements. It has also been found that even though he walked completely fine, he had come back again.

Dietician Dr. According to Manjusha Aggarwal, she has also adopted other lifestyles for dengue patients. According to him, rajma and dal are also necessary for protein.

Dr. Dhiraj Bhadat says that vitamins are necessary if you are losing appetite. Another way to kill as much fatigue as possible after a long day’s work. Most physical activity during this period is considered inappropriate.

Eating fatty and fatty foods is also avoided long after dengue. Simple exercises can reduce joint pain. Unnecessary drug intake during this period can be extremely dangerous.

It is a viral infection. This is why antibodies work against bacteria. For this reason, it is considered mandatory to take medicine to treat certain symptoms only.Dengue is an RNA virus. This vlavivired family member.


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