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The effect of Tik Tok Live: In the water day and night to get a gift!

No income can be made by posting videos on Tiktok, which is known as a short-video sharing platform. For example, when you put a video on YouTube, you can earn money by placing ads (Adsense) on it.

Similarly, Facebook has also introduced a facility to earn from advertisements targeting creators. However, Tik Tok is different from these platforms. However, the number of people who want to earn money from Tiktok is increasing day by day. There is a facility for creators to sit live on Tiktok and ask for financial support (a digital gift).

Users stay online for hours to get digital gifts, which can later be converted into cash. Although Tiktok says that it charges less than 70 percent commission on digital gifts, it has not given any reports on the exact amount of commission charged.

But now in different countries, a video asking for help from the audience can be seen on Tiktok Live. In some countries, there are gangs that ask for gifts by sitting live on Tiktok. Some time ago, the BBC discovered that there is a gang that asks for gifts by sitting on Tiktok in south-west Syria.

Since it is possible to earn money by being online like this, users (creators) have started asking for gifts in many ways. Some play games, some sing songs. Some try to draw the audience towards them by debating various issues in the live meso. In fact, from the kitchen of the house to the shop and the office, Tik Tok can be seen live.

From ordinary users to artists and celebrities, it can be seen that they are hooked on Tiktok Live. On the other hand, those who are unemployed and struggling to make a living have also started spending the maximum amount of time on Tiktok Live. In fact, if we talk about live streams at the user level, it can be said that Tiktok is lagging behind other video platforms.

Tiktok Live can be started after meeting the general criteria. And there is an option to earn money from this. Creators have started adopting many styles to get gifts on Tiktok. To draw the audience towards them, they do activities ranging from distorting the appearance of clothes to smearing mud and different colors on their faces.

Meanwhile, people who ask for gifts by soaking in water for hours have started to increase. Some time ago, there was a trend of putting a piece of ice in a bucket of water and pouring it from one’s own head in the name of the “Ice Bucket Challenge bucket of water and pouring it from one’s own head in the name of the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” At that time, the purpose of the challenge was different, but now the number of people asking for gifts by soaking in water day and night has started to increase.

In other tiktok cultures, gifts are asked for by speaking or doing other activities. Such creators, however, go to the river and live on Tik Tok Live. They don’t talk much during live shows. As soon as someone sends a gift, Jag pours water on his body or dives into the water, saying “Thank you.”

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More and more gifts came, and they poured water on their bodies with excitement. Hundreds of viewers watched them live for hours. But the host (creator) does not say anything other than “Gift please” and “Thank you. It has been found that this style of living is more common in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines.

While being live, they seem to be cold and shivering. The fans show sympathy and start giving various gifts. The question has also been raised about whether the gang forced them to stay alive by showing greed. Even in Nepal, those who ask for gifts while staying alive have started to adopt many styles.

One can see lines of artists, astrologers, and doctors in this crowd. Such Tiktok lives can be found all hours of the day and night, whether in the name of the Tiktok game or in the name of providing various tips and information. And the majority of them keep coming to live because they are greedy for gifts. In the name of different styles of Tiktok Live, it cannot be said that the trend of asking for gifts will not grow in Nepal.

If some Nepali ticket collectors have already started, this style may increase after the winter of January. After all, such ticket taxes are born into people who don’t hesitate to do it wherever they can earn money. They do not take care of their bodies for the gift, nor do they remember their responsibility towards family and society.

Tiktok has opened the “TikTok Shop” for gifts, where live gifts can be purchased using coins (virtual currency). You have to pay real money to get such virtual coins. Such gifts can be given through a tip to the creator or host of the live video. Viewers can send as many gifts as they want during the host’s livestream.

Although Tiktok started as an entertainment and fun app, it is spoiling the human health of many people. Some people’s studies, careers, and homes have been destroyed. Its many uses include mainly forgetting people’s creativity, concentration, and responsibility towards family and society.

Tiktok, which was first released in 2016, saw a lot of people join, especially during the COVID pandemic. This platform is made for short videos, but users will not get tired even if they play for a long time. As a result, Tiktok is becoming an addiction for many people, including adults, children, and the elderly.


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