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The film ‘Gorkha Warrior’, based on the story of the World War, will be released next November.

Kathmandu. The poster of the period drama and historical film “Gorkha Warrior “ based on the story of the contribution made by the Gurkha soldiers in the First and Second World Wars, has been released.

The film directed by Milan Chams will be released worldwide in the month of November 2080. The producer released three posters of the film and revealed the release date and the cover of the character.

Ritesh Chams, Vijay Lama, Rear Rai and others are featured in the poster which creates the mood of ‘War Movie’. The characters can be seen depicted in the getup and mood of the Gurkha soldiers.

The story of World War I and II is involved in the film. We are impatient to bring the film to the audience,’ producer and director Chams told Online News after the release of the poster.

The date of 1949 is written on the poster and the setting of the story is also specified. The film also features foreign actors including Kavita Ale and Revika Gurung. Director Chams has also written the screenplay along with Giriraj Ghimire.

We have met the real character and narrated the story. We have also done research to ensure that the facts are not wrong. This will take Nepali heroism and history to the world,” he said.

Apart from this, director Chams is also involved in the second sequel of the film. Some parts of the second series have been shot. He also plans to continue the shooting of the film “Var and Vadhu”, which was stopped due to the elections.


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