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The government felt the sting of the lockdown, the virus became political.

Before we talk about the current phase of the Kovid-19 epidemic, it is important to know how much we know about the virus. In fact, we know only 20 to 25 percent. We have come to know that by looking at the statistics of other countries. We are drawing conclusions by looking at the statistics of that time. In our South Asia, there has not been much research related to covid. Therefore, we are speaking on the basis of limited data.

It is said in English, ‘Little knowledge is dangerous.’ (Ignorance is dangerous) We think, we have read, we know. But what we read and understand is not our place.

Health is now consumed by politics. Everyone knows that there were irregularities in the procurement of health items in the first phase. When politics and corruption enter the corona virus, everything goes wrong, now the same thing is happening in Nepal.
Where are we

Let me start with India. India is now in the third month of corona virus infection. We are also in the third month. But, we have less deaths than India. According to world statistics, the transition is at its peak from the third to the fourth month. In the fifth and sixth months, the rate of infection gradually decreased. The transition figures for India and Nepal are at the same pace.

But, where we are, the scope of testing is less. As the scope of the test is narrow, it can be said that they are 10 times more infected than the number of infections found. By this calculation, it can be said that we have 30 to 35 thousand infected people. However, death cannot be increased tenfold. Because death is hard to hide.

Read also We failed in management, crisis of faith came 15 people have died in Nepal so far. This number may increase slightly. The number of deaths also depends on the test. However, death cannot be hidden as much as infection. And, all of these transitions are happening at the peak of time.

If Corona’s transition is to reach its peak in the third to fourth month, we have 2/3 weeks left to reach its peak. However, we do not know at what point we have reached the peak of the transition. Because we have less testing.

In the early days, the scope of the test should have been increased, but not increased. That was our mistake. Now that the infection has increased, what happens if the test is increased by only 10 to 20 percent? The rate of infection has increased by 50 percent, and if the test increases by only 10/20 percent, the actual infection cannot be detected. So we can find out the origin of the infection is not from the infected, but from the death from the corona virus infection. This is our misfortune.

At present, we are also planning to change the modalities of combat and gradually loosen them. Some have even questioned whether it was okay when we did the woodcut. I think the woodcut was right. However, this decision was Kathmandu-centric, not country-centric thinking. Those who run the state felt that the virus was transmitted by people coming from planes. If the whole country had been shut down, the Indian border would have been closed before the airport was closed. I used to discuss what to do there.

However, this Kathmandu-centric decision also helped to prevent the spread of the virus to some extent. However, as the scope of the test was narrow, not much was known.

When we tried to lock up the government, then the mistake started. I forgot why I did the lockdown. After eating lentils, rice and vegetables, I feel sleepy, just like the state sleeps. Probably there was also the meat of Khasi. So for four weeks after the lockdown, we controlled the infection, now there is nothing to do. The state rejoiced saying that the case was not seen.

When people started coming to Nepal from India, the problem started. Here (closing the airport) we had a small mouth closed, while the big mouth was missing. This is because the government has forgotten the purpose of the lockdown. The purpose of lockdown is to prevent the spread of infection in the society and to prepare against it if it spreads. Did the state think that people would enter from India? Are you prepared for what to do if the infection spreads? The government just watched the US and Europe but forgot what was happening in India. What to do if the infection spreads? Where to put How to test? How to manage and how to do it? I didn’t think anything of that.

There is a lot of chaos now due to the stupidity of the state. If the RDT transmits the infection to a person and the person dies, the state should be charged with manslaughter.
It is sad to say that the state has not done the work that should have been done within four weeks of the lockdown. At that time, we did not know that this would happen. You had to learn by looking at other countries. We could learn from China, we could learn from Europe, we could learn from America, we had enough time to prepare.

After that, Lakdaun became even more exhausted. The government did not think about the 95 percent problem that could arise after the lockdown. This did not stop the infection, nor did it prepare for it. At that time, the government did not even listen to the experts. Instead, he started doing politics. The issue of Lipulek was politicized.

Especially at that time, we had to work with special priority on the Far West and Terai districts. Even today, the government has not been able to formulate a strategy on how to move forward. I’m listening, it’s becoming a two-three week strategy. That’s a scientific thing. In that sense, it is still four months.


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