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The model was not allowed to enter the ship after wearing short clothes


The thought that you should live your life as you wish can sometimes lead people to a serious turning point.

This has happened to an Australian model. He has to endure a lot of humiliation on a flight because of the short clothes he is wearing.
During the trip, he was instructed to cover his whole body. The model was then forced to wear a crew member’s jacket.
Model and actress Isabel Eleanor was stopped by flight attendants as soon as she boarded the ship.

The crown top he wore was too short to travel. Later, she was able to sit in her seat only after wearing the crew member’s high-vis jacket.

Although the incident is a bit old, now the model herself has shared the information.

“When I entered the ship wearing shorts,” she said in an interview. Then the flight crew member said that he could not travel in such short clothes. Later, I was allowed to sit in my seat only after wearing their jacket. ‘