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The more itchy the ear is, the more trouble it brings.

The more itchy the ear is, the more trouble it brings. 79

Kathmandu. Let’s imagine, what would happen if the blocked ear stopped hearing? Of course, gestures have to communicate. In such a situation, it may be difficult to carry out practical work. And, you-we may have to face such a problem at any time.

Because the ear is a very sensitive organ, which can lose hearing ability at any time. Be it due to loud noise or due to infection, due to injury or due to our little carelessness.

However, we do not care much about the possible complications of the ear. Especially how the ear hears any sound. What kind of mechanism works inside the ear for that? What can cause ear damage? How can the hearing power of the ear be maintained? Dr. Head of Nose, Ear and Throat Diseases Department of Veer Hospital. Interview with Dipendra Shrestha:

What is the structure of the ear? How do we hear any sound?

Generally, we understand the ear as only what we see on the outside. The ear has three parts, outer, middle and inner. The outside is what we see. In the middle there is a mesh of ears. There is a small membrane inside the eardrum, it is called a cavity. There are three small bones inside the cavity. That bone transmits sound from the outside to the inside of the ear. Inner air is in the middle. It is also made from Bourne. Kakia is like a cell. Cucumber reduces the connection of inner air with the mind.

The sound coming from outside should dry the middle and outer part of the ear. When the sound hits the ear canal, it causes the cochlea to move and the bones move simultaneously. Through the three bones, the sound enters the interior. There is a resonant sound and balance work, and as a wave, the nerves reach the brain and the environment is prepared for the response.

Do both left and right ears hear equally?

The way and ability to listen is the same. A normal person does not hear more with one ear and less with the other ear.

How far can the ear hear the sound?

The ear has a range of sounds. It cannot be said that it is so far. But if it is far away but there is a loud sound, you can hear it. If it is close but the sound is low, it cannot hear that sound. Hearing the sound depends not only on the distance, but also on the ability to hear it.

There is no truth in the fact that eardrums burst due to noise. Loud noises affect the eardrum even more than the sound itself. Infections and injuries can cause the eardrum to rupture.
Does loud noise, car horn, microphone sound etc. affect the hearing power of the ear?

Noise and noise affect health. Noise alone does not damage our ears. If the sound intensity is up to 80 decibels for a long time, it can cause problems in the hearing system. If it is less than 80 decibels, it does not affect the ears.

Suddenly there is a very high pitched voice. If the intensity of the sound is 120/30 decibels or more, the ability to hear can be permanently damaged in a few moments. Many things can affect the ability to hear. Sound intensity in our speech is 50-60 dB, urban sound intensity is 80 dB, sound intensity near airplanes and helicopters is 105 dB, musical concerts, gunshots sound intensity is 110-130 dB. up to

It is said that hearing a very loud sound can tear the eardrum, is this true?

There is no truth in the fact that eardrums burst due to noise. Loud noises affect the eardrum even more than the sound itself. Infections and injuries can cause the eardrum to rupture.

What is the position of the ear mesh, what is its special role?

The work of spreading the outside sound is done by mesh. There is a four cm tube in the outer hole of the ear. Between the outer and middle part of the tube is the ear mesh. The sound coming from the air outside is taken by the three small bones into the inner narrow alley and received by the mesh. By increasing the intensity of that sound, the sound reaches the brain through the inner ear.

In what condition can the ear mesh be bad?

Any type of injury can damage the eardrum. If someone hits you with your hand during a fight, if you touch your ear too much, if you fight, if you have an accident, or even while driving in the sea, the increased pressure can cause the eardrum to burst.

The ear is a sensitive organ. Ear disease is also a big health problem. It is important to be aware of this. Do not allow infection and do not ignore if there is, do not live in a place where there is loud noise. I didn’t listen to loud music on headphones for a long time.
What complications can occur if the eardrum is torn?

If a simple mesh breaks, if there is no major damage, it will naturally heal itself after some time. Even if you take care not to touch the ear net without using medicine, put cotton in the bath and do not let water seep in, it will be avoided on its own.

But if it does not go well for a long time and the function of the ear changes, then it should be surgically made a new mesh.

A slap or any external injury can also affect the eardrum?

A lot of patients have come in due to the slapping of the eardrums. Teachers beating students, fights between young people, quarrels between husband and wife can also cause the eardrum to burst. If the hand touches the outer ear while the hand is moving, the mesh may break. If the eardrum breaks, problems such as bleeding from the ear, blocked ears, poor hearing, and ringing in the ears may be seen.

What is the way to save the ear mesh?

The only way to protect the eardrum is to prevent ear infections


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