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The Oscars will telecast the awards ceremony in 23 categories live.

Kathmandu. The Academy of Arts and Sciences has said that it will reconsider one of the rules of the Oscar Awards, which was highly criticized last year.

In order to save time, the live broadcast of award distribution in some categories was banned last year. But this year, all 23 categories will be broadcast live.

Bill Kramer, executive officer of the Oscar organizing organization, has announced that all categories will be broadcast live. He informed that there has been a reconsideration to include the eight categories that were removed last year and live.

At the 2022 Oscars, the award distribution in the categories of original score, make-up and hair styling, documentary shot, film editing, production design, animated shot, live action shot, and sound was not broadcast live.

This action of Oscar was criticized a lot. Speaking to Variety magazine, CEO Bill said, “We are committed to celebrating the collaborative nature of art, science and filmmaking. This is the aim of the academy. We can have a program that celebrates all the elements of filmmaking in an entertaining and engaging way.’

Last June, Bill Kramer was unanimously appointed CEO of the Academy. The 95th edition of the Oscars will be held in Los Angeles on March 12. Jimmy Kimmel will host the Oscar ceremony this time.


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