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“The Poet Idol” will be broadcast from 14th of January.

Kathmandu. Television reality show ‘The Poet Idol’ based on poetry will be broadcast from 14th of January. The reality show, which will be produced and directed by Aman Pratap Adhikari, son of famous poet Kshetra Pratap Adhikari, has fixed the broadcast date.

The program is going to start from 8:30 pm on that date from Epiwan Television. 162 people were selected from Nepal for the audition which was held till the end of October, while the number of people who auditioned online from abroad was more than 50.

14 poets will be selected from among the participants selected through digital auditions, passing through various stages. Poets participating in the show will write and recite poems and separate topics will be given for writing poems.

There will be a competition among the participants in the program, as well as the judges who will check the performance, the audience will also be able to vote for their favorite competing poets and poets. One contestant will be eliminated from the final 14 every week and one contestant will become ‘The Poet Idol’ at the end.

The judges of the competition will be poets Biplava Prateik and Upendra Subba along with director and colourist Anup Baral and actress Suraksha Pant. The program will be conducted by actor Divyadev Pant.

The winning poet of ‘The Poet Idol’ will get 1 million rupees in cash. In addition, it is said that Yatra Publishing House will publish a collection of poetry worth five lakhs of the winning poet.


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