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The producers were not found to make Sunny’s ‘Ghyal’

The death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has sparked a debate in the Bollywood industry about nepotism. However, there are many star kids in the film industry who have worked hard for their careers. In the nineties, Prince Santoshi met many producers to make the film ‘Ghayal’. However, no one showed interest in making this film of Sunny Deol.

Sunny’s father and actor Dhamendra himself made the film after no producer showed interest in making the film ‘Ghayal’. The film was made and released on June 22, 1990. The film was an unimaginable success. Not only this, Pankaj Kapoor and South Indian actress Jayabharati along with Sunny were also honored with National Award (Special Jury Award) from this film.

“Rajkumar was starting his career as a director,” said Sunny. He told me the story, I liked it and I promised to make a film. Raj was a new director, so finding a producer was a task. We met with many manufacturers. Not everyone wanted to invest in a film that would not work. In the end, my father made this film. ‘

Recalling the moment before the release of the film, Sunny said, “Raj and I were very nervous during the screening. At that time, I had said to Raj, ‘Well, now that the film has been made, we can’t change it. If it fails, we will not make such a film tomorrow. ‘He remembers that the film’ Ghayal ‘got a good response in the special screening.