The same effort yielded the same results.

Nepal has moved up to third place in the volleyball competition for the Kava Women’s Challenge Cup after defeating Uzbekistan 3- 1. Nepal sought to win a chapeau- trick of titles by exercising the home crowd and court, having formerly won the Kava event doubly. But Nepal’s dream was dashed when they fell to Kazakhstan, the stylish platoon in Asia, 3- 2 in the semifinals.


In not winning the title, numerous aspects of Nepal remained weak. Indeed though they trained for two and a half months by bringing foreign trainers, Nepal was tested directly in the competition. Because Nepal platoon couldn’t play any competitive game to test their position. The volleyball association cited fiscal deficit as the reason.

The same effort yielded the same results. 2

Beating Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan in the event’s first two games wasn’t delicate. still, when playing against India and Kazakhstan, Nepal’s inexperience and lack of exposure were clear. For Nepal, the only remaining stagers were captain Aruna Shahi and Saraswati Chaudhary. In large part, libero Salina Shrestha played flawlessly for Nepal’s defense. The defense was Nepal’s strongest point throughout this competition.


The same effort yielded the same results. 3

The main javelin, Pratibha Mali, was hurt as a result of the height; the block appeared weak, and other lower professed javelin were unfit to indurate in time. The performance of Captain Aruna Shahi was typical of the situation. Because of the height and lack of experience of the Nepali players, Belgian trainer Jan de Brandt accepted the third- place finish with satisfaction.” Working with this platoon for three months and getting good results was a good experience for me,” he concluded.

This time, defense, entering, and dissipation have been espoused in Nepal’s medication. still, the lack of game experience and unwanted cerebral pressure are the constant sins in decisive sets with strong brigades. After four months, this Nepali platoon will contend in the 19th Asian Games, which will take place in China.

The same effort yielded the same results. 4

Aruna Shahi, the captain, believes that this competition has given the forthcoming Asian Games a lot of exposure. In this competition, literacy was pivotal. It served as a practice game for the Asian Games. We’ve learned how to contend with high- position athletes in the Asian Games,’ she continued.” India and Kazakhstan are physically high brigades than us. Coach JanD.

Brant stated that it’s only natural for Nepal to take home the third order given their medication and gift. According to him, winning the third order was only natural given how well we contended against India and Kazakhstan, who are both at a advanced position than Uzbekistan. Coach Brant views the development of the Nepal platoon’s defense as an achievement of his leadership

. In Nepal In June, Nepal will begin preparing for the Asian Games. For the middle block, the Nepal platoon will be looking for altitudinous players. Aruna Shahi, the captain, is pleased with Nepal’s performance. With all the new sisters, I’m happy. Despite their lack of previous experience in transnational competitions, they did well in games this competitive, according to Aruna



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