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The same house where the mind lives.

We need to have an emotional connection with home. It is not enough to just build a concrete, wood or stone-clay structure. There our body should feel comfortable, our mind should rejoice.Similarly, whether it is a commercial building or a corporate house, it should attract consumers, service recipients and visitors. According to this belief, the concept of interior design has been developed.

However, interior design is not understood as dimensionally as its components are spread out. Interior decoration means interior decoration, plastering, furnishing, lighting, coloring etc. While interior decoration is not just about interior painting and decoration. It is such a combination of art and science. Which includes not only the beauty of the home but also comfort and health.

How is the interior decoration of any house done? Interior decoration is the work of decoration done within a certain structure. However, this alone does not fulfill its definition. Interior decoration is an artistic arrangement that makes the home comfortable and beautiful.The interior decoration includes everything from house painting to furniture management. From window curtains to lighting management.

Any house whether it is for private housing or community housing or commercial building. Initially, its structural structure is studied. How is it made? Accordingly, a preliminary blueprint for interior decoration is made. However, the interior decoration of any building, house or room is not decided only by looking at it.

What matters is the needs of the home and its family, rather than the interior design of the home. For example, a housewife works for a company. He leaves the office early in the morning and returns late at night. Stay in touch with people. You also have to do some office work at home. You have to use a laptop.

Now the interior decoration of the house should be of suitable type according to his profession or business. For example, manage your files. It can be easily found while searching. Sit in the bedroom or anywhere else and work on a laptop.

In particular, interior decoration is not only a decoration, but also a method to make the person living in the house comfortable and attractive.

People’s professions are different. Accordingly, they have instincts and dispositions. While preparing the interior decoration of the house, one should understand their psychology and tendency.

Small children can stay at home. The elderly can live. How to make a suitable decoration for all of them? How easy is it to place furniture? What color makes them happy and joyful? Only by understanding all these things should the blueprint of interior decoration be made.

Every room in the house has its own unique characteristics. We use those rooms for different purposes. At the same time, the time spent in those rooms is different. Therefore, not all rooms can be decorated in the same style.

Architecture is also important in the interior decoration of the house. Architecture is a science in itself. It manages the structure, decoration, spread, direction, etc. of the house in the same way that we get many benefits.

Why is decoration important? Why do people pay attention to interior decoration along with house building? Because our psychology is related to the interior decoration of any place like home, room, office. If there is such an elegant, attractive, easy interior decoration, then our mind is happy.

But, we can’t sit there if there is an annoying interior decoration where we have to stumble here and there, fight here and there, have to walk carefully while walking. It is stressful inside us. Like your bed is decorated with a chair, which looks ugly. The room is cramped. When you walk, you may stumble upon it. You are having mental stress while sitting in that room. But, you can’t guess that this is happening because of the chair.

Like you sit in a room painted black. How do you feel living there? How long can you stay there Of course you don’t like to sit. Why don’t you like Because the interior decoration of that room is disturbing you.

In fact, our mindset or feelings are also connected with the interior decoration. Therefore, while preparing the interior decoration of the house, room, office, commercial building, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to how happy we are with it.

It is also customary to place photos under the interior decoration. However, a photo hanging on the wall or placed somewhere to look good can also look ugly. Photos of any size or shape are not suitable.

It is not appropriate to put any kind of photo on the wall of the house. The photo should also be meaningful and appropriate. I think the photo you decorate at home is of your family tree. It is appropriate to decorate the photos of the generation from grandparents to grandchildren.

We are thrilled to see such a photo. We understand what our ancestors were like, how we grew up with the passing of generations.

Similarly, we can decorate photos with landscapes of our own country, landscapes of historical significance. It makes our children curious about what their country is like.


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