Samragyee  writes – ‘Move forward with faith’.

Samragyee writes – ‘Move forward with faith’.

The war of words between actress rajyalakshmi Shah and hero and director Bhuvan KC, which started on social media, has now reached the court. After KC filed a case in the Kathmandu District Court demanding compensation of Rs 1 million, his allegations took a new turn.

The hero kc filed the case alleging that the Queen had insulted his dignity and defamed him. The filmmaker said that the case of Maharani and Bhuvan should not reach the court. However, the hero kcĀ  filed a case saying that he would accept the decision of the court. Some filmmakers had made their views public about Maharani and Bhuvan.

The heroine also says that she did not take the issue further. She said she did not want to follow suit. However, the issue has moved forward after the protagonist KC registered the case, even though the Queen did not want to.

The day after Bhavna filed the case, the woman wrote on social media: “The world is moving forward with loyalty instead of fear.”

During the shooting of the film ‘Dreams’, the Queen raised her voice saying that she was biased. He accused Bhuvan KC of trying to get close to him in the Japanese award. After this, allegations were made between Bhuvan and Samrajni on social media.