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The set of KGF was destroyed after half of the film was shot, ‘Rocky’ came on screen after being inspired by ‘Mahabharata’


Hardly any Hindi audience today does not know Yash, who charmed the hearts of Hindi audience for the first time with KGF. There are many stories of how hard it took to make the one film that made Yash a pan India hero. The sets of the film also went through a big ‘storm’ before the stormy Rocky Bhai hit the screens.

When Kannada star Yash reached theaters in North India for the first time in 2018 with a Hindi film, the audience here hardly knew him. ‘KGF: Chapter 1’, which reached theaters with Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero, did not go unnoticed on the first day. ‘Zero’ was Shah Rukh Khan’s film, so earlier there was a crowd for that too. But ‘Zero’ made under the direction of Aanand L. Rai did not give the public the fun for which people had reached the theatres. The film got very negative reviews and people who came out of the theater also started calling the film bad.

When Shahrukh’s film turned sour, the public’s attention went to another film in theaters, in which he was seeing a new face. But the trailer of the film was very strong. This hero named Yash was doing sizzling action on screen and his swag was not able to be measured by the meter which tells the tension of Bollywood stars. Seeing the excitement of the trailer of KGF, people entered the theaters and when they came out, their brains were blown away to process the masala film. The situation was such that people who came out after watching a show of KGF were seen making plans to watch the film for the second time.

Yash in KGF

This was the wonder of KGF, which became the fourth biggest film among the films running in Hindi after being dubbed from South. Earlier both the films of ‘Bahubali’ franchise and Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 were there. Talking about today, the sequel of KGF i.e. KGF 2 is the highest grossing film of 2022 in Hindi. One of the most amazing things in the KGF franchise was the set of the film.

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In the era of 70s and 80s, the set of a colony settled in a gold mine in Yes’s films, gives a lot of depth to the story of the film, where again the echo of the emotions of the film reaches you. But there came a time that after the completion of half the film, this set itself was destroyed.

Karnataka was shaken by terrible rains
It took more than one and a half years of research to make KGF stand for the film. The film’s production executive Karthik Gowda told in an interview that it took more than a year and a half for the pre-production of the film itself because director Prashant Neel wanted everything to be very detailed and precise. Be it matchbox, or telephone or even people’s clothes.

The set of the film was set up in Badami area of Karnataka and it was given the look of Kolar Gold Fields. The shoot of the film started in January and KGF started recording on camera. But only half of the shoot was completed when the monsoon rains started wreaking havoc in Karnataka. The storm and rain caused such havoc that the set of KGF got destroyed. But the makers did not give up and the film’s shoot was completed by re-installing the set. But due to this the budget of the film increased a lot. However, after the collection of more than 200 crores, the makers must not have felt the increased budget much!

Rocky Bhai’s character was inspired by Karna
KGF director Prashant Neel had told in an interview that he had also taken inspiration from Mahabharata to create his character. All the people ruling Narachi were like the Kaurava family, in which Prashant made Bhishma and Dhritarashtra the basis for the role of Suryavardhan. Whereas for Yash’s character Rocky, he took inspiration from Karna.

Just like Karna supported the Kuru family to become the biggest power despite being the son of Suta, in the same way Rocky also changes the fate of the entire gangster family. Rocky also comes from such a section of the society which people do not give much respect to. And like Karna, Rocky is also a donor in his own right.

The inspiration that Prashant Neel took from Karna in the character of Rocky, its impact was fully visible on the screen. Rocky’s character made everyone his fan and ruled everyone’s hearts. KGF was released in theaters on December 21 in 2018 and today Rocky is one of the most popular characters in Indian cinema.


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