The title of the third part of ‘Welcome’ and other details are out, will Akshay Kumar return to the franchise?

The title of the third part of ‘Welcome’ and other details are out, will Akshay Kumar return to the franchise?

The title of the third part of Akshay Kumar starrer superhit comedy film ‘Welcome’ has been revealed. Film producer Feroze A. Firoz A. Nadiadwala has disclosed this in a recent conversation. But the big question is that Akshay Kumar, who was absent from the second part, will return in the third part? This question becomes important because Akshay Kumar has left another franchise of Feroze’s ‘Hera Pheri 3’ (Hera Pheri 3). There is also a dispute between the producer and the actor. Because Akshay Kumar has already claimed that he did not like the script of ‘Hera Pheri 3’, which is the nagwar of the makers. Well, we are focusing on the third part of ‘Welcome’ and know the latest details related to it…

This will be the title of the film

Firoz Nadiadwala told Bollywood Hungama, “Welcome 3 will mostly be known as ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. It will maintain the humor, sense and entertainment of this franchise. Apart from this, its backdrop will be based on military action. The film will have massive action. We will be using Hue helicopters in it. It will be made on a scale that will never be seen in Indian cinema in terms of production value and grandeur.”

60-70% will be in forest

Feroze Nadiadwala also said that 60-70 percent of the film will be set in the jungle and its ending will give an emotional and strong message of patriotism. According to Nadiadwala, “Hopefully the film will go on floors next year. We have roped in ex-military officers in our team who will guide us in handling big guns like RPG, SAM as well as other military hardware. .” According to him, the shooting of the film can be done in Jammu and Kashmir or some parts of Europe, where there will be dense forests. The decision will be taken based on the weather at that time.

Want to make a great film

Feroze Nadiadwala also clarified during the conversation that he will not compromise with the script and other essential elements while keeping the canvas of the film large. He said, “The idea is to make a great film, not a big one. Money can help you make a big film, but it can’t help you make a great film. I mean it’s about creativity, technically, scale.” According to what and in terms of casting should be the best movie. Movies like ‘Sholay’, ‘Ben Hur’ and ‘Avatar’ are the best movies in terms of emotion, storytelling, characters and scale. We want to ensure that ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is a landmark in entertainment family cinema in terms of characters, storytelling, screenplay, dialogues, nuances and style.”

The film will have a big star cast

According to Nadiadwala, he has not yet made the final star cast of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. But it will feature big actors. He says, “It will have a big star cast. All the main characters of the film, including the actresses, will be seen doing action.” Since Akshay Kumar is considered to be the biggest action star of Bollywood. So it will be interesting to see if Akshay returns in the third part of ‘Welcome’ or not?