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The traditional rules of sexual and manners

There are no rules of etiquette in the traditional culture that has been practiced in our society for ages. There are also rules.
“Never go alone with a man, but the only one is Bharatiya!”
This passage is also included in the Mahabharata, composed by Subba Homnath Kedarnath years ago. This is also one of the most important practices being advocated at the level of morality in our eternal culture.

“In the wealth of others and in the wives of others

Brother, gold says never to go for you any day ”

This passage is contained in the Ramlakshman Dialogue Context in the Ramayana Uttar Kand, translated years ago. These are all contextual targeted actions.

Traditional ethics recognizes youth as one of the four deadliest dangers in man. Like—

“Youths Wealth: Dominance Discretion

Ekamyapanyaytha Kimu Yatra Chatushyam?

That is, youth, wealth, lordship, and indiscretion can also do terribly wrong. How much use would it be if all four of these people were together in one place? ”

As one of the traditional policymakers has said –

“Do not be like women in the ark

In this case, Ghritam will be carrying the constellation of Mercury

That is, females are like flames of fire, while males are like ghee. Therefore, it is not advisable for an elderly person to keep these two together. ”

Another man, a traditionalist, says Manu:

“The volume is composed of respiratory tract or nasal congestion

Curiosity of the Vulvana senses

That is, children should not sleep on the same bed with their mother, sisters, and daughter. The senses are dangerously powerful. He can also persuade a scholar. Can lead astray. ”

An old Sanskrit poet has written:

“Vishwamitra Parashar Prakriti Vatanshu Parasana:

However, the feminine pankas like the sulitam aspect

Shaalynanam Sagritam Poyodadhyutam Bhujanti Yeh Manav:

If the senses of consciousness were to be worshiped

That is, the Vishwamitra Parashar-like rabbits lived in the forest. Dried leaves ate water and wind. Used to do penance. Such solitary ascetics also became fascinated by the sight of the young girl, like the lotus flower, and stopped moving. To say that people who have ghee, rice, cinnamon, milk and milk can control their senses and avoid straying on the occasion, it is like saying that mountains like Vindhyachal can swim fast and swim. ”

Regarding the control of the senses, the scientist Vishwas Manu has said in a democratic style:

“Calamity reported: Pantha: Indiranayana Unmanagement:

Tjjay: the wealth of the way through the wealth.

That is, controlling your senses and letting go of your senses is the catalyst for disaster. Winning and controlling the senses is the path to wealth and success. Take the path you want to take. “