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These five failed loves of Salman


Bollywood actor Salman Khan has reached the age of 55. So far, he is the ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ of Bollywood. Salman fell in love not only once but many times. Five times he was ready to ride a horse for marriage. But due to various reasons, it could not be completed.

Somi Ali, 16, had come to India to marry Salman. She also acted in the film to be close to Salman. At that time, there was talk of Salman and actress Sangita Bijlani’s love in Bollywood.

In an interview, Sami revealed that the love between Salman and Sangita has made her tense. She said that she tried to distance herself from Salman and Sangita’s love affair.

Then Salman and Somi approached. However, others also noticed their relationship. According to Somi, Salman had betrayed her. Then she went to the United States.

Salman and actress Aishwarya Rai’s painful love story is hardly unknown. They were completely in love with each other. But the feeling of insecurity in their love came from their home.

Salman wanted to marry Aishwarya anyway. But Aishwarya did not want to get married in a hurry.

Italian model Lulia Vantur and Salman met in Dublin in 2010. After meeting Salman, she became close to Salman’s family. The couple has not officially sealed their relationship. But they are together as a couple.

Salman and actress Katrina Kaif met on the set of the movie ‘Maine Pyaar Kyo Kiya’. Then they gradually fell in love. However, they soon parted ways.

Salman and Sangita Bijlani were also very much in love with each other. They were also preparing for their wedding. But in the end, there was a rift between them. The marriage between the two was also stopped. Now they are best friends.