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This website is giving away $1,000 to watch the Fast and Furious movie

The latest film in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, Fast X, is coming, and surely the fans will be eager to watch it. But let us tell you a funny thing: a financial website is charging a hefty amount to watch all 10 parts of the Fast and Furious movie. The main motive behind this is to track the damages caused by each and every car accident that occurs in every single movie.

The FinanceBuzz website, an informational site that offers tips and tricks in exchange for money, is offering $1,000 (roughly Rs. 82,000) to people interested in watching movies. According to the website, this reward is being given for watching all 10 films of the action franchise Fast and Furious starring Vin Diesel. The objective behind this is to track the damages caused by car accidents shown in these movies.

The website says that the winner of the contest will have to delve deeper into each car accident and note down the extent of damage and which cars were involved. The website reads in its release, (translated) “Ahead of the upcoming release of Fast X on May 19th, we are looking for someone who can watch all 10 films of the Fast & Furious franchise.” That’s over 20 hours of the NOS-fueled saga, during which you’ll track down the damage caused by all the car crashes. Our team will use your findings to estimate the insurance impact of the franchisee’s reckless driving.”

According to the website, $1,000 under the Fast & Furious claims adjuster as well as $100 separately will be given to the person chosen to cover the cost of any streaming fees, movie tickets and snacks. The website also requires the candidate to ascertain whether the number of wrecks in these films has increased or decreased over the franchise’s history.


However, only US candidates can apply for this. The applications will start on May 19, and the winner will be announced on May 26. The winner will get two weeks to watch all the films after the selection. Watching all 10 films of the Fast & Furious franchise may not accurately reflect the real-life insurance impact of reckless driving, as the stunts and crashes depicted in the movies are exaggerated for entertainment purposes and may not accurately represent real-world scenarios.


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