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Three-day-old child successfully undergoes tumor surgery at Patan Hospital.

At Patan Hospital in Lalitpur, a three-day-old baby’s tumor was successfully removed.

Dr., a neurosurgeon, had surgery on Baisakh 21 after finding a 1200 gram tumor under the child’s waist who was born on Baisakh 18. Rupesh Raut was informed.

He claimed that the procedure was performed three days after the newborn’s birth because a potentially harmful growth known as a “fetiform sacrococcygeal teratoma” had grown.

According to Dr. Raut, there was a possibility that the tumor could harm the child’s heart because the child’s blood arteries are also developed for that tumor. “The cells are not forming during the embryo’s development in the location where they should be, but this issue has developed.” The tumor had to be removed through surgery as a result.

Dr. Dinuj Shrestha, a plastic surgeon; Prof. Dr. Prakash Bista, a neurosurgeon; and Drs. Raut and Raut. It was finished by Prayash Chand, the anesthesia team, and other teams. 135 successful procedures have been carried out since the Patan Hospital’s neurosurgery department first opened its doors one year ago. Raut said.


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