Tiktok brings music streaming service, challenge to Apple and Spotify

Video app Tiktok is also going to bring music streaming service. For this, he has started beta streaming service as a test in different countries.


According to Tiktok, this service has been tested in Australia, Singapore and Mexico. The service has already started in Indonesia and Brazil for a few weeks. Like Spotify and Apple Music, Tiktok is about to bring a musical app in the style of a musical platform.

On this streaming platform of Tiktok, users can listen, download and share songs from famous record companies like Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group.

Future of  Tiktok music streaming service

Likewise, it is also reported that Tiktok has applied for the establishment of the Tiktok Music trademark in the US. ByteDance, the Maui company of Tiktok, has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office, according to international media.


During the beta test, users will be able to listen to songs for three months. After that, the fee has to be paid monthly and it is mentioned that the fee also varies according to the country.



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