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TikToker Sassy Trucker Detained In Dubai & Faces Two Years Prison After ‘Shouting’ At Car Rental Employee! – Perez Hilton

Texas TikToker Tierra Allen, better known to fans as the Sassy Trucker, has found herself in a sticky situation over in Dubai.

The non-profit organization claims The influencer has been detained in the United Arab Emirates ever since she left on vacation in April, and she is currently being held in Dubai. What is the reason she has been stranded in the country? Many people will undoubtedly be shocked by the response. After screaming in public during an argument with a car rental company employee in Dubai, Tierra is looking at a two-year prison sentence. The truth. She is accused of shouting in public.

Tina Baxter, her mother, told Fox26 in detail what transpired three months ago. She asserted that the incident took place when Tierra and her friend were driving in their rental car and had a minor collision while traveling. Following the collision, the car as well as Tierra’s identification, credit cards, debit cards, and cellphone were seized at a nearby rental car agency. Things didn’t go well when she went to get her personal items!

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The manager allegedly demanded she give him cash in exchange for her belongings before acting violently toward her. However, Tierra’s mother told the outlet that the man called the police after she screamed back at him. She was detained and accused of “shouting” on May 16, according to CBS News. Terrible. Later that day, Tierra was granted bail and released, but she is still unable to leave the country. The police took her passport. According to Tierra and The New York Post:

“He followed me out of the building, and I was terrified. I told him to stop, but he instead dialed 911 and filed a report against me for allegedly “screaming.” I’m shocked that he made me feel afraid, that I told him to stop, and that the police have now told me I can’t go home. They refused to let me leave even though I explained that I had to get back to the US for a medical emergency.

Police have reportedly been debating whether to charge the influencer for “shouting” in public for the past three months, according to Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai. The cause of their protracted deliberation over what to do? The nonprofit believes she was a victim of “a common rental car extortion scheme,” which some local police are said to have been involved in. In a statement, Stirling stated:

It is incredibly typical for rental car companies to file lawsuits against clients in an effort to demand money. They anticipate receiving a cash offer from a “wealthy foreigner,” whom they believe will drop the charges in exchange for dropping the case. Even when they are being taken advantage of, tourists will pay exorbitant prices to return to their homes, families, and jobs. Rental car companies profit from insurance payouts and extort additional money from victims. They are in it for the money.

She added:

Tierra would be subject to high legal costs, a possible lengthy prison sentence, a fine, and deportation if found guilty of shouting. She would not be allowed to leave the UAE if a civil claim was made against her until the judgment was paid.

Stirling added that she might have been singled out because she is Black, a woman, and has a sizable online following. For those who don’t know, Tierra uses social media to chronicle her career as a female truck driver. Her goal, she previously told CNN in 2021, was to “show that you can still be feminine in a male-dominated field” through her platform.

What has happened to Tierra is absolutely terrible. Since her arrest, she has been detained in Dubai, and family members have been working as hard as they can to secure her release from the nation without her having to make any restitution to the rental company or serve any jail time. Even Texas lawmakers like Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee have been contacted. His office informed Fox26 of the circumstances:

“We have discussed the situation with Tierra Young Allen’s family and the Department of State. Sen. Cruz will keep investigating and pursuing this matter until Ms. Allen is brought back to her family.

This is no doubt a scary time for Tierra and her family. As her mother told the outlet:

It was extremely emotional. On some days, I cry nonstop throughout the night. It’s extremely frightful. The longer she has been there, the more reality is beginning to set in.

It’s hoped that Tierra will return home and soon be reunited with her family. Readers of Perezcious, how do you feel? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Image via Tierra Allen/Instagram/TikTok]