Today, Wednesday, worship Lord Krishna

In Hindu theology, every day of the week is considered to be the day of the gods and goddesses. Apart from special fasts and fasts, most Hindus fast on one or two days a week by worshiping their respective deities.

Wednesday is the bar dedicated to the planet ‘Mercury’. Vithal Dev (incarnation of Krishna) is especially worshiped on this day. Puja should be done with Tulsi leaves. Wednesday is considered very auspicious for starting any new work.

Also, it is believed that those who fast to Lord Krishna on this day will get their desired fruits. Some actions done on this day will bear fruit throughout life. Learn what to do on Wednesday to enrich your life

-Cows are revered in Hinduism. A person who gives green grass to cows, especially on Wednesdays is blessed by all the gods and goddesses.

– Donating mung beans on Wednesday will relieve suffering.

– It is found in various religious texts that offering vermilion to God Ganesha on Wednesday is a reminder. Offering laddoos to Ganesha, especially on Wednesdays is considered fruitful for those who have Mercury in their horoscope.


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