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Top 12 Places of world for travel

Who does not wish to go on a world tour, but the pocket budget does not allow people. If your first world tour has been stopped for this reason, then come out of worry. There are many countries where it can be in your budget. Come, know about those 12 countries which can be beautiful as well as in your budget.

Nepal is a very beautiful country bordering India. Here you can make a trip plan cheaply. You will find a good hotel to stay in Nepal in 1000-1500. Here you can roam in many wonderful places like Bakhtarpur, Nagarjuna National Park, Pashupatinath and Siachen Monastery.

If you want, you can also move towards Bhutan. Food is very cheap in Bhutan. Here you will get good food for 100 rupees to 400 rupees. You can book a good room here for 1500 rupees. Bhutan has many magnificent places like Thimphu, Punakha Jong, Ha Veli and Rinpung Jong.

If your pocket is a bit heavy then you roam Indonesia. Room for 2000 rupees and food for 700 rupees will be found here very comfortably. Bali, Jakarta, Malang and Lambok are some of the best tourist spots here.

South-east Asian country Laos can also be a good option for you. This country is very cheap for tourists. A room on rent for 400-700 rupees and food for 300 rupees will be found here very easily. Apart from this, you can enjoy street food for 120 rupees. Natural beauty, religious sites and beautiful markets have become the hallmark of this country.

Those who do world tours cheaply can also go to Malaysia. You can order food comfortably for 600 rupees and a time for 300 rupees. Kuala Lumpur, Petronal Tower, Redang Island and Kapus Island are famous tourist spots here.

Maldives is also very popular among tourists. A room will be easily available here for 1500 rupees. Food is very cheap here. From 60 rupees to 120 rupees, you can order many good dishes here. Atoll Transfer, Alimatha Island and Hukuru Miski are some of the famous tourist spots here.

The Philippines is also a great option for those traveling abroad cheaply. Here you can rent a room for Rs 700, while you can enjoy a good dinner for Rs 500. Palawan, Es Nido, Cordilleras, Locos and Chocolate Hills are among the best places here.

Seychelles of East Africa is also a very cheap country. Apart from renting a room for 1000 rupees, you can order food for 500 rupees. Cousin Island, Arid Island, Mahe Island and Marine National Park are one of the most beautiful tourist spots in this country.

Singapore can also be a good option for you. Here you can book a room in the hotel for around 1500 rupees. Although food here can be a bit expensive. Marina Bay, Santosa Island, China Town and Helix Bridge are quite famous for visiting here.

Sri Lanka-
Sri Lanka is the best option for those wishing to spend an evening on the beaches. You can eat good food here for 300 to 1000 rupees. Recently, the Sri Lankan government had also cut the hotel booking price for foreign tourists visiting here. Apart from Colombo, Kandy, Kirinda, there are many good beaches to visit here.

You must have heard about Thailand many times. After spending the flight, staying here and eating is quite cheap. With a beer of 150 rupees, you can order a good dish for 200 rupees. You will get a room easily for 1200 rupees. Karabi, Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya are the most famous places here.

Vietnam is a good option for those who feel very close to nature. After spending the flight you will not have much tension to stay. Here you can get a hotel room for 1000 rupees and one time meal for 700 rupees comfortably.