Tori Spelling Goes OFF On Realtor For ‘Mocking’ Her Family’s Housing ‘Crisis’! See The Texts HERE! – Perez Hilton

This week, Tori Spelling and her realtor had a very awkward conversation. The 50-year-old actress criticised Robert Vinson on Friday via Instagram Stories for “mocking” her family’s current housing “crisis.” She then took out the receipts! For those who don’t know, Tori’s house has had a serious mould infestation for several months. It’s been so bad that she told her fans in May that the problem had made her kids “so sick” and that their house had “been slowly killing us for three years.” OMG!

Tori’s Pals Are ‘Worried Sick’ About Her Amid Dean McDermott Marriage Troubles! 

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star had to leave her home due to mould, so she spent some time with her children in a low-cost motel. She has been dealing with this issue in addition to her marriage problems with her husband Dean McDermott, right? That’s terrible!

Evidently, her real estate agent had no sympathy for her predicament at all. The drama began when Tori received a message from Robert that read:

“The latest bizarre inquiry.”

Of course, the momma was confused by the text and wrote back:

“I’m sorry? I’m assuming that wasn’t meant for me.”

Apparently, Robert had no clue Tori was on the other end of the phone because he then replied:

“It is more for Karen. Tori Spelling has been asking for a 1 month rental. If you follow her situation on TMZ it is all amusing.”

Not him talking smack about his client! Becoming angry, Tori fired back:

“This is Tori Spelling. Wow! Human empathy and kindness prevails. Kids in crisis is amusing.”

Clearly, she wasn’t happy with her realtor. In fact, she was so pissed she leaked the text messages on her Instagram and wrote over the screenshot:

“And, this human is a father! I guess I hold out too much hope that people lead by kindness. Shame on you Robert Vinson @vinsongroup real estate! My 5 kids are going through Mold poisoning and we need a home and this is how you treat people? Mocking their situation?”

Tori Spelling Shares Text From Her Realtor ‘Mocking’ Her Family’s Housing ‘Crisis’
(c) Tori Spelling/Instagram


However, Robert is defending himself. He said in a statement to Page Six about the situation:

“Celebrity impersonation is rabid in Hollywood. As a real estate broker, I have a fiduciary responsibility to be certain of the identity of the person we are dealing with.”

The realtor claimed Tori contacted him about the one-month rental before and he asked her, “How can I confirm it is you,” since he believed it was a “scam” at first. Robert added:

“I never received a call back from the text. I am now being publicly shamed for my due diligence. I sent Ms. Spelling the following text after being bombarded with vulgar messages from her followers, ‘I am sorry about the message. I was raised by a single mother and understand the challenges you are dealing with. When you did not call me I thought I was being spoofed by someone who was pretending to be you.’”



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