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Tribhuvan  International Airport (TIA) is an international airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. TIA was built on 1955 by king Mahendra of Nepal.Tribhuvan  International Airport is also known as Kathmandu Airport with one domestic and one international terminal. As the changes on the time many more infrastructure are changing according to the time. The runway surface is built with concrete and has length of 10,007 feet (i.e. 3,050 m). The international airport surface can be seen from the different place of kathmandu, which have the height high. In the inside of the TIA there is also the military helicopter’s , airplane. It is the 1st international airport of Nepal.TRIBHUVAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT(TIA) 2

Inside the TIA the view is just awesome as we can see in the image the water fountain’s is just awesome. In night the water fountain’s can be seen in different colour’s which is another way to get the beauty of the TIA. Now there is parking facility and car wash facility also. TIA management are doing many more research and giving the TIA more beautiful looks and the airport of full facility. The roads of the airport is very neat and clean. In the airport there is also the facility of free WIFI provided by the Worldlink company. In TIA runway there is daily many plane land and many plane do takeup.


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